In My Hair Dreams

When I  lay down tonight, all comfortable and warm and hoping to influence hours of sweet dreams, I might try to conjure up this:

NU-POP_HR_13Dreams are a mix of reality and flights of fancy and this shot from Sassoons’ recent collection keeps my mind active in overdrive. There are colors, in different extremes. There are shapes. Basic shapes, asymmetrical, and textured shape over shapes. I sense a blurred timeline. Sixties and seventies and this new millennium, possibly what will be commonplace in the 2020’s. What could feed my imagination while I sleep is my belief that soon all women and girls will again be styling, coloring and dressing their hair after 20 of the most boring years in hair history. We in the industry have made the most of it, but it has become commonplace, do it yourself looks that even on the red carpet seem uninspired. Maybe I need to amend my inspirational quote from just “freshly washed and styled” to add “a cut and color that makes a statement about what you are feeling and how you wish to present yourself”. After all, it’s just hair. And it grows back. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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