Make your Ponytail a HairSTYLE !


This is not an exaggeration when I say 85% of clients living in my demographic require one thing from me. That is to leave hair long enough to get into a ponytail. Reasonable request, but this is what I see all day, every day, all over town-

th56U295WHil_570xN_598710172_pcfsIt’s not even just the hairstylist in me, it’s the man I am that thinks this screams “I don’t care” (how I look). I’m serious. This would be the only requirement in my pre-nup. Promise me no limp, greasy, uninspired ponytails (or sun visors or baseball caps).

Now don’t write me off as a chauvinist or misogynist and certainly don’t cop out thinking I don’t get the necessity of it all. Pause for a moment, contemplate where I’m coming from. Maybe slip on a scrunchy and take a look. Is this really how you want to present yourself to the world?

Ponder the “bump”. A very simple and easy addition to any ponytail.thCUOFCVS7You can bump it. Just back comb either the bang area, the crown, or even all over your head. Here’s where I say I love a woman who isn’t afraid of a can of hairspray, but that’s a whole other post.

I need not go further. I’ve probably done myself a dis-service with this subject anyway. Please do search “ponytail images” and you’ll see some gorgeous ones. For more inspiration, you tube to see the tutorials and that will make you less afraid. I know when I’m sitting on the beach, a stylish ponytail (and maybe statement earrings) is going to catch my attention even more than the hair that’s just blowin’ in the wind.

You can vent your anger in the comment box. Thank you.

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