The Next Big Thing in Hair Trends?

Trends. Some come out of no where but then are gone overnight, never really taking hold. Others are shocking almost to the point of disapproval, but slowly take hold. And by slowly, I mean it takes years. The public is fickle and people usually shy away from change. In my years, I’ve noticed sometimes it’s as much as seven years before women on the street are wearing variations of a style some celebrity brought to the forefront. In fact, there are two types of cuts popular right now that are influencing where we ALL will be 3-5 years from now. The first is Miley Cyrus’ shaved out undercut and the second is the Pixie that this time around I’ll credit to Ann Hathaway. We also are seeing a lot of the “lob”. Translation: The long bob. Point is, long, voluptuous tresses topped out with the addition of extensions and more women every day have begun to cut their hair.

But some females will always want to wear their hair longer and if we polled the guys I’m sure the majority would request their girlfriends keep it that way.

So how will long hair trends evolve? We’ve been smoothing and taming for a lot of years now. Brazilian Blowouts..Blow Dry Bars..Flat Irons..Beachy Waves. I’m sensing it might be time to flip it. How about-safe_image.php1093197

Personally, I love it. If this indeed becomes a reality, we will be perming  again. Only differently. Crimped textures and tight root curls.

But like I said, this might meet with resistance from some who’ve seen it strutting the catwalk, but give it time. It may become literally, ‘The Next Big Thing!”

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