Haircut Makeover- Yes Please!

10444010_10152720013426907_917790894066210759_nStep one. BRUSH IT OFF YOUR FACE!

Let me go on record as saying I’ve always loved a shag and all it’s variations. This one has heavy top layers which is unique, but works beautifully with the shorter length. It’s in opposition to longer length shags that sport short layers in the crown. The main thing that makes a cut a “shag”, is squareness in it’s shape.

There is geometry involved in hair cutting, Vidal Sasoon brought this to the forefront a long time ago and turned what we do into an art form (Jeri Redding, aka Redken, championed us into a “profession”).

Back to this fabulous haircut on this beautiful girl. It’s so, SO time to be cutting hair again. Currently, women with the longest hair are mistakenly feeling the most hip. That ship has sailed and if you aren’t “lobing/bobing/shaving or pixieing your hair, you’re passe. Period. The term “shag” may sound retro, but there’s nothing backwards about the way we do hair today. We spin it with texture and a personalized shaping to every individual.

I know it’s hard to sit in a chair, not knowing in your mind’s eye what might be happening to your hair as your stylist has at it with you, but if you don’t “go for it” by giving it up with a green light/carte blanc, you may never know.

So start with a shag. It’s long enough to be safe. If you find or get lucky enough to land in the chair of a really good stylist, you will be thrilled to be liberated from the l-o-n-g, h-e-a-v-y locks losing popularity as of yesterday.

Yes, it’s definitely time to cut your hair. I’ll do it. Come see me.

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