Professional Hair Styling Products

10438267_844088308949040_6407743798816596634_n Allow me to agree with you on this – NO ONE likes to be pitched at the whole time you are captive in the chair to buy products. I’ll go on record saying most Stylists who do this are being pressured by salon owners. Usually younger, commissioned workers who enjoy an extra dollar or two in their paychecks at the expense of driving you away from ever returning to their chair or that salon again!

And what do we want? A shampoo that lathers, smells good and leaves our hair feeling clean. Well grab ten bottles off the shelf in the supermarket and probably 7 or 8 will fit the bill. Conditioners? Keratin-Hemp-Avocado-on and on and… just let me get a comb through it. Right?

Not really. What it boils down to is one of two realities. Over the counter retail products act on the outer layer of your hair leaving it with a cosmetic feel. Professional products honestly do work from the inside out, often times stemming from insanely expensive and exhaustive scientific, chemical research that has led to the purest of ingredients with an understanding of hairs’ base structure.

So I’ll keep that simple and stop right there with washing and detangling your hair. Styling products, however. Now here’s a horse of a different color. Millions, yes there are millions of styling products designed to do thousands of promised things to your hair and hundreds of companies each have dozens of options for each and every one of your specific needs.  😉

A top notch Stylist will more than likely utilize between 5 and 7 products on your hair before he is done. I do. Here’s why: #1 I shampoo you. #2 (I don’t normally condition at the sink. There are too many fabulous leave-in conditioning products these days) I will always on chemically treated hair first spray on a damage reconstructor, work it through then overlay a cream moisturizer which affords some slippage while I’m cutting. So that takes us to # 4 Root lift. Maybe not all over, but all women benefit from root lift products. They work! #5 Heat seal. Good professional blow dryers can and irons definitely reach temperatures of 350- 400 degrees. Thats HOT! So now your hair is dry and I’m going to take you to the next level with my irons, either flat or I’ve got four or five different size barrels. I need product #6 to “set” my style. I’ll brush/fluff/push your hair around to get in the shape I want with product #7 a working hairspray. # 8 will be an oil which is a must and that might be mixed with # 9 a texture paste for that peicey look. If I love how it looks, you might just get a quick shot of # 10 a finishing spray!

Just sayin”

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