Bump It – Styling hair with volume

Yes, I grew up a Jersey Boy, where legend has it “big hair” is infamous, as it might be in Texas (wherever that is). Maybe my appreciation for tall tresses stems more from my early start as a stylist during the “Dynasty Era” when we permed every one’s hair, and encouraged it up and out as far as it would go. To this day, though, I love a Gal who isn’t afraid of a teasing comb and a can of hair spray So let’s take a look at the subtle reason this woman looks so fetching here in this photo. 10646877_10152688938428679_4702258610890954009_n

Yes she is reasonably attractive and the fact that she is wearing heavy makeup makes you linger for a second when you glance at her. But even though her hair doesn’t scream “I’ve been styled”, it has been back combed which adds to the overall allure. You can’t deny it. It makes a girl a woman. It takes a haircut to another level. I’d say 60% or more of client’s in my chair ask for more volume. Well, here it is. No need to go crazy or formal. It’s really quite simple. BUMP IT!

Independent Stylist Kevin Dodson, currently located at Deco Hair Studio in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, bordering Del Mar, is a premier stylist in the San Diego area.  

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