No Rules – Textured and Layered Hair

new blogHow can or would you ask for a cut like this? You can’t. This is shear (no pun) creative, free flowing artistry. Hair cutting, coloring, and finished styling is reaching the point in 2014 where there are fewer definitions and no boundaries. However, if you study this image, there is balance, imagination, texture and a degree of realism considering the models’ hair. There is nothing artificial about the finished photo. She could look like this every day. Whoever cut this thoroughly understood where they were starting from and probably were amazed when they finished that it was as incredible as it is. “No rules” does not mean you can hang a star on any whack job. A good haircut will always be defined by how it reacts for the client each and every day she wakes up to it. Styles, even on the runway look so casual, but that’s only because there was a lot of talent that was the contributing factor. Casual-messy-tousaled? yes.Beautiful and attractive- indeed!

Independent Stylist Kevin Dodson, currently located at Deco Hair Studio in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, bordering Del Mar, is a premier stylist in the San Diego area.  

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