Lather Up – Sulphate shampoo


I flipped when I came across this picture. There’s a lot of talk right now about sulphate free shampoos. Apparently they are less likely to cause your hair color to fade and will help hair retain its condition, especially important when you have invested a fortune in keratin smoothing/relaxing treatments. I’m all for both these reasons to spend a little more on shampoo. From a stylist’s point of view, I’ve put time, energy and creativity into the dimensional look of your haircolor and it’s a shame for it to fade when that can be helped. I mean, should it look good for two weeks, then not so much for the next 4-6 weeks it takes you to come back? When shopping for a sulphate free shampoo, the first question to ask is “Does it lather?” If the answer is “no” or, as important “I don’t know” then don’t buy it. I’m not saying a shampoo that doesn’t lather can’t cleanse your locks, but I think I speak for the majority when I say it makes sense sudsing up to carry the dirt away. Besides, it’s fun and feels good.

Now here’s where I tell you what I tell every client, regardless of whether or not you chemically treat your hair. When washing your hair, be gentle. Diffuse the shampooing product in your hands, and slide your fingers up under your hair along your scalp, massaging your head. Do not feel compelled to pile your hair on top of your head to scrub and abraide your poor hairshafts. If you use a lot of styling products and must wash more aggressively, pull the lather down through your strands in the direction the cuticle imbrecations are formed to lessen abrasion.

I’ll research different sulphate free shampoos and report back on the ones that do lather nicely. The only one I know of at the moment is Paul Mitchell’s “Double Hitter” men’s shampoo. I probably won’t end up poo-pooing the one’s that don’t here. I don’t want to be negative. So stay tuned-

Independent Stylist Kevin Dodson, currently located at Deco Hair Studio in the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach, bordering Del Mar, is a premier stylist in the San Diego area.  

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